A Web-based Tool for Exploring Natural Ventilation Implications on Community Social and Health Resilience Against Airborne Particles and Viruses

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Team: Mehdi Ashayeri, PHD.  (PI)Narjes Abbasabadi, PHD. (co-PI)
SYNOPSISThe challenge of decarbonizing cooling-energy loads of urban buildings during heat waves has become a critical issue for ensuring sustainable urban development. Against this backdrop, the impact of natural ventilation on households' social and health standings has emerged as a research topic of increasing interest. NVResilience.io is an innovative web-based tool developed to shed light on this complex issue by investigating the relationship between spatial disparities of households' energy and health burdens and their exposure to airborne ambient pollutants in Chicago, IL. Through its ability to capture social and health resilience against airborne particles and viruses, NVResilience.io can offer a valuable avenue for prioritizing decarbonization incentives and promoting sustainable urban environments