A Web-based Input-output App for Big Dataset Creation – From Raw Data to Actionable Insight (V.1 @ 2023)
Principal Investigator (PI) & Developer: Mehdi Ashayeri, Ph.D.
Navigating the challenges of big data preparation is a common hurdle faced by researchers and analysts. Understanding this, "" emerged in 2023 as a comprehensive tool specifically designed to address these challenges. At its core, is proficient in handling a vast array of data preparation tasks. It is adept at managing missing values, eradicating issues related to repeated observations or variables, and offers a robust workflow for data matching. Furthermore, provides a suite of merging options, accommodating various merging needs including inner, outer, left, right, and cross, ensuring data integration is both smooth and consistent.
A notable strength of lies in its adept handling of time series data. Recognizing the importance of time granularity in academic research, the tool offers the ability to upscale time intervals, facilitating better trend analysis. Similarly, for categorical data, ensures comprehensive aggregation. In essence, streamlines the journey from raw data to structured, research-ready datasets, underscoring URBiiLAB's commitment to simplifying data challenges for the academic community.